10 Cheap Date Ideas

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Dating shouldn’t cost you a lot of money, especially in this economy. There are plenty of things to do with your loved one that are both fun and inexpensive. Like catching a flick at the drive inns or pampering each other for a relaxing evening. For more ideas, check out these ten budget-friendly date ideas.

Ice Skating Date

Ice Skating

Depending on the weather, ice-skating makes for a great date! It allows for the excuse to hold hands, “accidentally” fall on one another and grab a cup of hot chocolate. Nothing is more romantic than cozying up with your date to keep warm.


Rather than wasting money on expensive spas, treat each other to full-body massages. Use the empty wallet excuse to stay in and run a bubble bath. Light some candles and enjoy each other’s company. And sleep in the next day!

Rock Climbing

Are you and your hunny looking for adventure? Put on your sneakers and head to an indoor rock-climbing gym. Challenge your partner to a race to the top for a little friendly competition. Winner gets a backrub!

Apple Picking

Spend the day at a local apple orchard, either one-on-one or with another couple. Take time to enjoy the scenery. Once you’ve picked all the apples you can carry, get creative in the kitchen. Make your beau a delicious apple pie.

Rifle Range

Feeling spontaneous? Surprise your man by taking him to a rifle range. After each round, compare your targets. The winner gets to gloat, while the loser has to buy the next round of bullets. Game on!

Wine/Beer Tour

Spend the day at a local winery or brewery. Not only will you and your sweetheart get a nice buzz going, but you can also pick up some wine facts for your next dinner party. Don’t forget to take a bottle home for a little nightcap.

Drive Inns

Spice up your movie-night routine by heading to the local drive inn. Pack some blankets and swing by the grocery store to pick up your favorite snacks. Let him pick the movie; chances are you will get two flicks for the price of one!

Alternative Concert

Concerts can get a little pricey. Check your local concert venues for an alternative band and go to a show. With the money you’ll save on the tickets, you can splurge on drinks and snacks for your date.

Home Cooking

Going out to eat should be a luxury. Instead, opt for a nice candlelit dinner in with your sweetie. Cook his favorite meal, and don’t forget dessert! Then, cozy up to the fire with a glass of wine.

Plan a Trip

Start a piggy bank for a weekend getaway. Each week, throw in some loose change until your bank is full. Then, pick a quaint bed and breakfast and sneak away for the weekend. You might need to save up for awhile, but it will be well worth it.

Amy Richards is a freelance writer and romantic at heart. She recently purchased custom gift baskets for her hubby. One included spa items for a relaxing night in, while the other had a bottle of wine and tickets to a local winery.

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