Dating Tips for Guys: What Girls Really Think

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Before you jump back into the saddle or if it’s your first time dating, here are some basic tips for you men from a woman’s perspective, to prepare you for the scary world of dating…

Dating Tips for Guys

Internet Dating

Your Profile Photo

DO NOT add a photo of a model or an old picture of yourself taken 10 years ago as your profile image. If you end up meeting the girl, it probably won’t go so well. First impressions are everything, and doing this already says you want to be someone you’re not. You are wasting everyone’s time and setting yourself up for disappointment. If you don’t look like your photos then you will never see the girl again anyway, so there’s no point in doing this.

And no, it’s not all about the looks, but if a girl sees a picture of a hot guy, then that’s who she wants to meet! If you happen to think you’re a ‘not so hot’ guy, there’s definitely still someone out there for you. Chances are, you’re a wonderful person and will treat a girl like a princess.

Profile Photo Chat RoomsDon’t Be a Nuisance

Do not stalk the girl by snooping through her social media profiles or watching her every move. If you want to know something about her, just ask. Play 20 questions, for example: “What’s your favourite movie, colour, food, music? Do you like the sea or the bush?”

If you chat to a girl and she doesn’t reply immediately, she might be busy. So don’t go all crazy and send a hundred more messages, or worse yet, a message with “????” in it. She probably is just really busy!

However, if a girl stops talking to you and it’s been days or weeks, she’s probably just not into you, she’s NOT interested and DOESN’T want to talk to you anymore! Get over it and MOVE ON… there’s lots of fish in the sea!

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Blind Date

Rule #1

Do not spend your whole date complaining and moaning about your ex! This means you’re not over her and not ready to move on with someone new. Your date or potentially new girlfriend doesn’t want to know about your ex!

Rule #2

DO NOT brag or talk big, and don’t act like a big deal. Girls can see right through that and you’ll get caught out! Just be yourself.

Appearance & Grooming

Dress for the occasion. If you are going to a fancy restaurant you might want to wear a button shirt, nice pants or smart jeans, and dress shoes. Don’t wear sneakers. If you are going to the movies, jeans, t-shirt or golf shirt and sneakers are fine.

Smell is also important. A guy who smells like he just stepped out of the shower and wears perfume is a great turn on. If you look and smell like you climbed out of your washing basket, you’re not clean shaven, have long dirty nails, bad breath and dirty teeth, or long dirty hair, then don’t expect a second date!

As for shoes and feet, believe it or not, dirty smelly shoes and feet with long dirty toe nails says a lot about a guy too! The same goes for your car. If you fetch a girl in a beaten up old car full of rubbish, with tins and bottles rolling around under your feet, don’t be surprised if you find yourself tossed out like yesterdays trash!

Communication & Listening

Most guys have a problem with this. They don’t really pay attention. Most of the time when girls talk, all they hear is blah, blah, blah… If you want to score some brownie points and stay in her good books, get to know her, listen, make an effort, and remember her likes and dislikes. For example, if she says ‘I don’t like roses, I like Gerberas’ or ‘I like platinum, not silver’ (hehehe), make a mental note for future reference.

Sending & Giving GiftsDating Tips for Guys - Giving Gifts

Sending a bouquet of flowers for a Birthday or to let her know you are thinking of her is definitely a nice touch in the early stages of dating. Giving gifts or bringing flowers on the first date is up to you, but it’s not compulsory or expected, as you’re still in the beginning stages of getting to know the person. Don’t get me wrong, it’s GREAT receiving gifts, especially the thoughtful ones, but you’ll be setting a precedent. She might start expecting gifts all the time and they’ll have to be more and more expensive. When the flower you picked in the garden or the little “Thinking of you” card you made yourself doesn’t cut it anymore, you’ll end up bankrupt before the end of the first year… Don’t be stingy either though. Be generous and thoughtful.

I hope you found these basic dating tips helpful. If I missed something, feel free to your comments or ask for advice. Remember, every pot has its lid. It might come in different shapes, colours and sizes, and sometimes it’s even a bit bent or skew, but it fits somehow. I hope you find your perfect lid!

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