10 Ways You Could be Negatively Impacting Your Image

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While some people are more concerned about their public image than others, everyone cares about how they are perceived by their peers to some extent. Trying too hard to frame your image in ways you think are beneficial can have the opposite effect though. Here’s a look at 10 ways you might be negatively impacting your image.

Public Image - Flashy Car

Driving a Flashy Car

While there’s no harm in driving a car with bright colors, shiny wheels and flash, it can draw unwanted attention. A fast-looking car sticks out when all else is equal. Drivers in front of and behind you might be going just as fast. The question is who is more likely to get pulled over?

Clothes That Don’t Fit

It’s obvious when clothing is too worn or dirty, but even the best clothes must fit properly. Borrowing a suit or dress is fine as long as it fits. Few things state so obviously that a person is fashion senseless as ill-fitting clothing.


This one is probably more obvious now than in the past, but it’s still worth mentioning. It might seem like smoking makes you look cool. In reality, it’s likely quite the opposite. These days, there aren’t really many circumstances where smoking is seen as cool.

Cell Phone Use

Sure, you have the coolest new phone with all the latest bells and whistles. It’s still rude to use it inappropriately. Requests to silence or turn them off are just that. Sitting down for a fine meal and having to listen to someone right behind you talking on a phone is something no one cares for.

Public Image - Cell Phones

All About The Bling

Flashy and over-the-top jewellery might not be making quite the statement a person is hoping for when they wear it. Be stylish without being obnoxious. Think about all the other things that can be bought or good that can be done with the money.

Body Image: Women

When striving for the perfect body remember not to overdo it. Women face tremendous pressures when it comes to body image. Ignore the hype and be healthy and fit.

Body Image: Men

The body image pressure for men is real as well. Excessive attention paid to working out or taking supplements just for the sake of your image can be detrimental. Be fit for your lifestyle and your goals.

Social Networking Mistakes

The new frontier of social networking is wide open and full of potential pitfalls. Detailing every tiny event in your daily life isn’t something most people really care about. Don’t encumber your online friends with frivolous fodder.

When Self Confidence Becomes Overbearing

Having confidence in your day-to-day life is a strong statement that contributes greatly to your self-image and the image others see. Like everything else, however, there is a point where too much causes damage. Cocky arrogance and proper self-confidence aren’t as far apart as they may seem. Knowing the difference is the key to successfully portraying a confident image.

In the final analysis, the image you portray to others is only important when it comes to you. If as a person you are happy with yourself it will usually be reflected in how others see you. Of course, there are societal reasons to not have a negative image in the eyes of others, so you want to balance those with your own ideals.

Derrick Collier is a DUI attorney who loves blogging in his spare time. You can read more of his articles at poplifemagazine.com.

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